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Baby, It's A Wild World: An Outfit Highlight

Perry Fish

I'm sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, Heritage General Store, listening to one of my favorite artists, Cat Stevens.  Wild World comes streaming through my headphones and a feeling of solace washes over me.  The times in my life that I have experienced struggle and redirection, his music has always spoken right to my heart and told me that I am not alone during these trials, and everything will always turn out as it should.  Today, is a new day and I am so very thankful for it. 

It was a chilly morning, but that didn't keep me from doing a little shoot outside of Heritage.  Thank goodness there was even just a little bit of sun!

HAT: Forever 21

SHAWL:  Buffalo Exchange

SHIRT: Thrifted

BOOTIES: Buffalo Exchange

I can't predict what this new year will bring, but It's off to a pretty crazy start!  I am more determined than ever to keep on keepin' on and doing everything I can to reach new goals and experience life to the absolute fullest.  Hopefully, this includes more traveling...the wanderlust in me is rising up!

The song Miles From Nowhere is playing now.  The lyrics seem so fitting in this moment.  "Miles from nowhere, not a soul in site, but it's alright.  I have my freedom.  I can make my own rules, the ones that I choose."

Here's to moving courageously into 2016!


Much Love xoxo

Freehand Chicago Sneak Peek

Perry Fish

The first time I traveled to New York, it was also my first experience staying at a hostel.  There were rooms furnished with bunk beds and starkly decorated bathrooms, shared by all guests.  Needless to say, I learned first hand why hostels have a reputation for being generally affordable, but lacking in the areas of inspiration and originality.

Merging the worlds of hotels and hostels, Freehand has shattered the mold.  With two locations, Miami and now Chicago, Freehand's main purpose is that it was "created for adventurers from around the world who care about exploring new cities with a local point of view and meeting interesting, like-minded people along the way."

Decorated in Freehand's signature modern, bohemian style, rooms are available in shared quads (hostel style) or private, single-bed rooms.  My favorite detail?  The gorgeous, handwoven pillows by local makers Herron Clothier!

Freehand Chicago also features an in house cafe, Cafe Integral, and a lounge bar, decorated in a vintage, tiki theme.  The Broken Shaker  , with pine needle patterned wallpaper and shelves lined with spices and nick-knacks, will most definitely give you flashbacks to the den of your grandparents' vacation home in Florida.  Especially if your grandparents drank cocktails out of giant, copper pineapples.

As a creative living in Chicago, I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Freehand to the Windy City!  I look forward to attending diverse events in the Freehand space,  connecting with other like-minded people and learning more about this amazing new home away from home.   For more information about Freehand Chicago check out their website,!


Much love!




Mynt Condition: An Outfit Highlight

Perry Fish

Being plus-size has never been easy.  Shopping for a dress for multiple school dances, middle school through high school, was my definition of torture.  Nothing I liked fit me, and most shopping trips ended in tears.  With the exception of a few curves-friendly stores like Maurices, my options growing up in Northern Michigan were slim to non. 

After graduating from college and moving to Chicago in 2012, I found myself immersed in a whole new world of possibilities.  Being plus-size has never been easy...but it was about to get so much better!

Shortly after moving to the city, I started working at Vive La Femme, a boutique that embraced women of size and retailed clothing from 12-24.  I met many other women in the Chicago plus-size community, including bloggers, models, and advocates, through Vive.  Most of them are still very dear friends of mine.

Last year, I was introduced to a new clothing line that was paving the way for fashion-forward, plus-size women.  This line is called Mynt 1792 and is based out of New York .  Even one of my favorite bloggers , Nicolette Mason is huge fan of the line! 

My outfit highlight for this post features my favorite Mynt 1792 top, the cascade sleeve blouse, in black.

Top: Mynt 1792

Necklace: Handmade

Bag: Coach

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Denise Bidot, Tanesha Awasthi, Tess Holiday; just a few of the many plus-size women who are breaking the mold and showing the world how beautiful and strong plus-size women can be.   I am proud to say, I am happy, healthy and curvy, and I am so, so thankful for brands like Mynt who support fashionable, plus-size ladies! 

Sunday Funday at Beadniks

Perry Fish

Last week I attended a jewelry making party at Beadniks, 1937 West Division St.  My wonderfully talented, jewelry-making friend, Emily invited a few of our coworkers and myself to get creative at this Wicker Park jewelry shop.  We enjoyed champagne, pizza, and cupcakes (thanks Ashley!) while making our own original pieces!

With assistance from the amazing Beadniks staff, I made a necklace and a pair of earrings!  I learned a lot about making jewelry and enjoyed spending quality time with friends that I don't usually see outside of work.  We are already making plans for another jewelry making party soon! 

For more information about private parties or to book one for you and your friends, check out


Much Love xoxo

Chicago Made Highlight: Toddler Royalty

Perry Fish

Happy Monday Chicagoans! 

Usually, Mondays are a day we all dread and struggle to get through with copious amounts of caffeine, but today I am excited to debut a new highlight post on the blog, Chicago Made!  There are so many amazing creatives, business owners, and makers in the Windy City and I will be highlighting one a month right here!

To launch this new series, I would like to introduce Heather Parkin, the founder and designer of Chicago based, children's clothing line, Toddler Royalty!  Inspired by her two daughters, Lola and Simone, Heather set out to create a high-fashion clothing line for children that would promote confidence and independence. 

 The Toddler Royalty Mission:  To be a place that breathes creativity, uniqueness and individuality of today’s children.  Edgy yet sweet, soft yet punk-rock. We understand that our children’s clothing choices give them the opportunity to be whoever they want to be. 


Custom made, by hand, each piece from the Toddler Royalty collection exudes a beautiful, unmatchable quality.  A staple of the Fall/Winter 2014 collection and my personal favorite piece, The Poor Little Rich Girl dress, features an oh so sweet and vibrant heart pattern with a Peter Pan collar on top! 

I have been fascinated with fashion ever since I can remember, so I love that Toddler Royalty opens up the possibilities for young fashionistas everywhere to express themselves!   An obvious admirer of her work, I was excited to speak with Heather about her latest collection, her inspirations, and what drives her in running her own business!

Alluring Chicago:  You've mentioned that your two two daughters have been an inspiration for the line.  Can you tell me more about how they inspire you?

Toddler Royalty:  Well, they both love to play dress up as well as ‘dress up’ for almost any occasion.  They would go to school in Black Tie attire, every day if they could. The mixing and matching of different fabrics at Toddler Royalty come from watching them pick out their own outfits. They both have great style at such a young age.  Even Simone who’s only 2 ½, can put together some pretty darn cute outfits all by herself.

AC: Toddler Royalty is amazingly run solely by you!  How do you manage to run a business while continuing to do day to day life as a mother and a wife?

TR: Ummm, I’m crazy. Haha...No, but It’s definitely hard to balance everything. I drink a lot of coffee and I do most of my work at night after the girls go to bed. I put on endless episodes of Friends and work until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

AC: What is your favorite part about the process of making these unique pieces?

TR: I think shopping for the fabric. A favorite pastime of mine when I lived in Los Angeles, was getting coffee and going to Amoeba Records.  I would spend an entire afternoon wandering and listening to music, and to the sound of people shuffling through records.  It was always a new experience for me.  You would be amazed, in a record store that big, all the other sounds you would hear besides just music playing through the headphones or over the store speaker.  I would always walk out inspired and refreshed by the sounds.  Fabric shopping does the same thing for me. The colors, the textures, the prints,  all inspire me to create.

AC: Can you tell me about your latest collection?  

TR: The FW14 Collection was Toddler Royalty’s second collection since launching.  I really wanted to experience with different fabrics, textures and color ways, yet all the while, keeping it playful; and I think I was able to accomplish that with this season. That’s the great thing about Childrenswear, you can play and have fun and not take it as seriously as Womenswear or Menswear.  Kids love to mix, match and play with color, they have this silly innocence about them that makes whatever they wear lighthearted and fun.  So why shouldn’t that be the basis of what I’m doing when I’m creating the collections?   

AC: What was the inspiration behind the Poor Little Rich Girl dress? 

TR: Edie Sedgwick has always been an inspiration for me.  Everything about her style, from her hair and makeup to her clothing and the way she carried herself. The Poor Little Rich Girl dress definitely came from watching her in Andy Warhol films.  The print on that fabric reminded me of the colors that Andy Warhol used  in his artwork. With the mini dress cut and the Peter Pan collar, I feel like that’s something Edie would totally have rocked.

AC: What is your hope for the future of Toddler Royalty?

TR: At the moment,  I am focusing on collaborating with other artist of all kinds.  I think this is important for me as a designer, always keeping it fresh and having new ideas evolve. Being surrounded by like-minded people that you can collaborate with only makes what you’re doing stronger.  And down the road,  I would like all the "Toddlers" of the world to be able to come to our site and create their own Toddler Royalty pieces.  They would be able to pick out their own fabrics and patterns, from the variety we provide, and when they’re done they would be able to name their piece, for example: Lola for Toddler Royalty would be on the garment tag, and then we would make it.  This really gives them the opportunity to build their independence and style, all while having fun, and that’s really the point isn’t it,  just to have fun?


You said it Heather!  And what's more fun than a GIVEAWAY?  I have partnered with Toddler Royalty to give away a Poor Little Rich Girl dress (a $136 value) to one lucky winner!  Read the full contest details bellow to enter:

1. Follow @Alluringchi and @ToddlerRoyalty on Instagram.

2. Tag a friend (or as many friends as you'd like!) in the comment box of the giveaway Instagram post.

3. Check out and comment on this blog post what your favorite look is from the collection!

That's it!  It's easy as 1,2,3.  A winner will be announced on next week's post, as well as on my Instagram, so enter, share, and keep an eye out here!


Much Love xoxo



Free To Be Human: An Outfit Highlight

Perry Fish

In 2009, my eyes were opened to the reality of modern slavery.  Through Love 146, an organization working towards the abolition of human sex slavery, I learned the startling statistics behind this issue.  Every 2 minutes, a child is sold into the 2nd most lucrative industry in the world, next only to drugs.

In 2012, after moving to Chicago, I ironically found out about the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation while attending a Love 146 event.  Since then, I have joined the Young Activists Council of this amazing organization, active in prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so I partnered with CAASE to spread awareness of trafficking by designing a T-shirt, now available on my Etsy store.  100% of the proceeds from this 'Free To Be Human' shirt goes directly to CAASE!

When sold or pushed into the industry of sex trafficking, these victims lose their right to be a human being.  They are robbed of the simple pleasures of life, their freedom is no more, and they slowly start to become a shell of their former selves.  Slavery was supposedly abolished in America in 1865 , but unfortunately it continues to happen world wide. 

Hat: Bon Voyage Vintage

Blazer: thrifted

T-shirt:  Alluring Chicago Etsy

Jeans: Levi

Heels: Tommy Hilfiger

If I ask myself, "what am I free to be?", I am happy to say, I am free to be loved.  What are you free to be as a human being? 

Down To My Bones - A Halloween Costume Highlight

Perry Fish

Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year!  I love planning my costume and dressing up.   This year, after many months of brainstorming and pinning on my Pinterest boards, I finally decided!

I know the skeleton thing is so "been there, done that", but I decided to take a more fashionable approach.  I bought an over-sized blazar at the Goodwill and dripped candle sticks down the shoulders.  This detail was inspired by this amazing photo!

To create the illusion of bones, I cut slits in a guts-red tank top and layered it over a white t-shirt.  (thank you again, Pinterest).  As for accessories, my necklace is a buffalo tooth from Belfry Oddities that I got on my trip to Seattle last month and my wicked nails were created by Faith of Let's Talk Nail Talk.  

What was your costume this Halloween?


Much Love





Stella and Dot Party With Michelle Swoons

Perry Fish

 I just love all things that sparkle and shine, so of course I adore the wonderful jewelry and accessories from Stella and Dot.  I was so excited to hear that my dear friend Michelle of Michelle Swoons is now a Stella and Dot stylist!  To debut her styling career, we threw a party!

This past weekend I invited my friends over for some personalized styling with Michelle.  She showed us some of the on-point looks for fall and how to make them work for our individual styles.  My favorite piece that I got to try out is the Rebel Pendant (pictured bellow).  I'll take one in each color of silver, gold, and rose gold, please!

Top: Meadow Rue at Anthropologie   Necklace:  Stella and Dot Rebel Pendent   Leggings: Lauren Conrad

Top: Meadow Rue at Anthropologie 

Necklace:  Stella and Dot Rebel Pendent 

Leggings: Lauren Conrad


Bummed you missed the party?  No problem!  My link is still live, here until September 12th.  Make sure you check out my other favorites, the Sahara pendant necklace and the Gilded Arrow bangle.  And remember, it's never too early to start on that Christmas list!


Much Love


Clips Beer & Film Tour

Perry Fish

Last month Karley and I had the super cool opportunity to attend the New Belgium Clips Beer & Film Tour as VIP guests on it's stop here in Chicago, IL.  As VIP guests we scored some beer tokens that we cashed in for samplings of New Belgium and Lips of Faith taps.  We also got some pretty cool swag bags packed with New Belgium T-shirts, pencils, bottle openers, and pins.  Needless to say, we felt like craft beer royalty! 


We sampled great beer, ate some delicious sliders from The Slide Ride food truck and watched great short films.  Each film was submitted to New Belgium and was selected on the themes of beer, the great outdoors, and story telling.  

This was my first year attending the Clips festival and I am already looking forward to next year!

I hope you all had a fun and safe time celebrating the 4th of July!

Much Love xoxo


Perry Fish

Last week I attended my first RAW Chicago Artists showcase of 2014.  As always, I was so blown away by the amount of talent that comes together in one room!  

Titled REVOLUTION, this was RAW's first showcase at Concord Music Hall.  It was my first time in the space as well.  Nothing stirs up creativity like a change in atmosphere!  My favorite part of the evening was the fashion showcase.  Pieces from designers, Maury Daniel-Cesair, Ayana Tomeka, High Top Society Co., and Shelby Reinhardt graced the stage.  

Maury Daniel-Cesair's sea-inspired pieces had me back to wishing I was Ariel, from The Little Mermaid!  Do they make seashell bras for the curvy ladies?  

Check out some photos from the evening here!  

Clips Beer and Film Tour Launch Party

Perry Fish

This week was definitely something to celebrate!  It is Craft Beer week here in Chicago with special events taking place throughout the city until May 25th.  

This past Wednesday, Karley and I attended the New Belgium Clips of Faith Launch Party and Beer Tasting at 1st Ward Events at Chop Shop.  New Belgium and Lips of Faith beers were available, as well as small samplings of meat from Chop Shop.  

We hung out, watched some short films made by fans of New Belgium Brewing, and enjoyed some great beer!  The screening was a preview for the Clips Beer and Film Tour that is taking place at Eckhart Park on June 6th.  The screening and the tour will benefit Alliance for the Great Lakes and The Recyclery Collective.  The best part?  We scored free tickets to the tour, so keep an eye out here next month for a full highlight!

Looking for something to do this weekend?  There are still plenty of Chicago Craft Beer Week specials and events going down!  Check out the full schedule here:

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Much Love