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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

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Everyone Has A Wild Side - RHM Studios Shoot


A few months ago my wonderful friend Amber of Style Plus Curves invited me to do a shoot with her at RHM Studios, here in Chicago.  We took the day and traveled South to the studio, where we met our photographer, Rashied.  

The studio was in what appears to be a large warehouse that has been converted into office spaces.  The industrial interior of the space made for a great backdrop for the shoot.   
We did several outfit changes, starting with a "naughty secretary" look.  We also changed for a "bad girl vs good girl" set and a high-fashion look.  Me and Amber had so much fun channeling our inner bad girl and playing with the props we were given!  

Check out some of my favorite shots:

It was quiet possibly the most fun I have had on a shoot, with lots of direction and versatility!  RHM Studios is always looking for models to build their portfolio.  If you are interested in modeling check out their website,

 Have a wonderful Holiday weekend everyone! 

Put A Bird On It!


Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year!  The colder weather, festive pumpkin treats, of course the styles of the season...I love it all! Rather than turning over my whole closet, I like taking on the challenge of transitioning some of my summer pieces into fall favorites.  

This is a look that I put together for work recently.  I love all of the blue and of course my wonderful bird shirt! My fashion friend, Amber of Style Plus Curves snapped these fun photos at a great little garden.  We obviously had a blast with the shoot!  Check out her blog soon for some photos taken by yours truly.

I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful fall weather!   

Earrings: thrifted
Necklace: borrowed
Shirt:  Old Navy
Belt: borrowed
Skirt:  Worthington
Shoes: Rue 21