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Chicago, IL
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Alluring Chicago

Baby, It's A Wild World: An Outfit Highlight

Perry Fish

I'm sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, Heritage General Store, listening to one of my favorite artists, Cat Stevens.  Wild World comes streaming through my headphones and a feeling of solace washes over me.  The times in my life that I have experienced struggle and redirection, his music has always spoken right to my heart and told me that I am not alone during these trials, and everything will always turn out as it should.  Today, is a new day and I am so very thankful for it. 

It was a chilly morning, but that didn't keep me from doing a little shoot outside of Heritage.  Thank goodness there was even just a little bit of sun!

HAT: Forever 21

SHAWL:  Buffalo Exchange

SHIRT: Thrifted

BOOTIES: Buffalo Exchange

I can't predict what this new year will bring, but It's off to a pretty crazy start!  I am more determined than ever to keep on keepin' on and doing everything I can to reach new goals and experience life to the absolute fullest.  Hopefully, this includes more traveling...the wanderlust in me is rising up!

The song Miles From Nowhere is playing now.  The lyrics seem so fitting in this moment.  "Miles from nowhere, not a soul in site, but it's alright.  I have my freedom.  I can make my own rules, the ones that I choose."

Here's to moving courageously into 2016!


Much Love xoxo