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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

Free To Be Human: An Outfit Highlight

Perry Fish

In 2009, my eyes were opened to the reality of modern slavery.  Through Love 146, an organization working towards the abolition of human sex slavery, I learned the startling statistics behind this issue.  Every 2 minutes, a child is sold into the 2nd most lucrative industry in the world, next only to drugs.

In 2012, after moving to Chicago, I ironically found out about the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation while attending a Love 146 event.  Since then, I have joined the Young Activists Council of this amazing organization, active in prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so I partnered with CAASE to spread awareness of trafficking by designing a T-shirt, now available on my Etsy store.  100% of the proceeds from this 'Free To Be Human' shirt goes directly to CAASE!

When sold or pushed into the industry of sex trafficking, these victims lose their right to be a human being.  They are robbed of the simple pleasures of life, their freedom is no more, and they slowly start to become a shell of their former selves.  Slavery was supposedly abolished in America in 1865 , but unfortunately it continues to happen world wide. 

Hat: Bon Voyage Vintage

Blazer: thrifted

T-shirt:  Alluring Chicago Etsy

Jeans: Levi

Heels: Tommy Hilfiger

If I ask myself, "what am I free to be?", I am happy to say, I am free to be loved.  What are you free to be as a human being?