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Down To My Bones - A Halloween Costume Highlight

Perry Fish

Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year!  I love planning my costume and dressing up.   This year, after many months of brainstorming and pinning on my Pinterest boards, I finally decided!

I know the skeleton thing is so "been there, done that", but I decided to take a more fashionable approach.  I bought an over-sized blazar at the Goodwill and dripped candle sticks down the shoulders.  This detail was inspired by this amazing photo!

To create the illusion of bones, I cut slits in a guts-red tank top and layered it over a white t-shirt.  (thank you again, Pinterest).  As for accessories, my necklace is a buffalo tooth from Belfry Oddities that I got on my trip to Seattle last month and my wicked nails were created by Faith of Let's Talk Nail Talk.  

What was your costume this Halloween?


Much Love