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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

RAW Chicago: Kaleidoscope


It's that time of year!  Let the RAW artist showcases commence!  
Last week I attended my first RAW event of the season at Double Door

 For those of you who are not familiar with RAW and are thinking "that sounds pretty darn cool", it is an amazing artistic showcase unlike anything you have ever seen.  Each event features a range of local-artists in the mediums of film, hair and makeup, fashion, visual arts, performing arts, and photography.  Each showcase is unique, featuring different artists every time!

Check out these photos of some of my favorite pieces/performances from the Kaleidoscope showcase!

Hand-painted mugs by Helen Johana.

Photography by Jim Vondruska of Dooms Day Robot.

Photography by el Isai

Art by Ed

Jewelry by All Things Esque.

Performance art by Miss MichelleBell.

Body paint and prints by Shay Armstrong.

A print by Idiot Pull

The next RAW artist showcase will be "Elevate", on July 11th at Double Door.  See you there!  

Much Love