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Alluring Chicago

I Got It At Sears! - An Outfit Highlight


Thank goodness the weekend is here!  It has been terribly windy, rainy, and snowy.....yes, I said snowy, here in Chicago this week.  I am happy to say that the sun has finally come out today, so hopefully warmer weather is headed our way!  

Most of you have probably seen it, but recently a commercial aired featuring a stylish women, wearing a series of outfits.  When asked where she got her incredibly cute clothing, the women replied, "I got it at Sears."  I have to say, when I first saw the commercial I thought "Yeah, right you did!" lol 
But the more I saw it, the more I was intrigued, so I decided to go check it out for myself. 

As someone who has always categorized Sears as the farthest thing from fashionable, I was pleasantly surprised to find some wonderful pieces at great prices!  The dress I am wearing in these photos is from   the French Connection line and was on sale for just $3.99!  I just love a good deal!

Necklace:  thrifted
Belt:  H & M
Shoes: thrifted

I will definitely be checking out Sears for some more fashion finds!  Maybe I will even make this a new series? We shall see.....
A big thank you to my pal Karley for being my photographer for the shoot and my amazingly talented friend Melissa, creator and owner of Event Life, for painting my nails!  Aren't they so adorable?

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Much Love. xoxo