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Love 146 - An Afternoon of Awareness


Happy Wednesday everyone!  Things have been kind of crazy around here, so I am glad I have some time today to share a very important post with you.  This past Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend An Afternoon of Awareness, presented by Peyton Callahan and Love 146.  Love 146 is an organization that is actively working to abolish human sex slavery and exploitation through awareness, prevention, and aftercare.   

I first heard about Love 146 in 2009 when I attended a concert benefit to raise awareness and funds.  After hearing the history and mission of Love 146, my heart was broken for all of the children and families that this horrific act has affected.  I knew I had to do something to help.  Throughout my last two years in college, I shared with my peers the mission of Love 146.  As the philanthropy chair of my hall council, I developed a task force of individuals who worked together to raise funds 
for this amazing cause.  However, after moving to Chicago I felt as if my connection to helping these children had been cut off.  In a way, I felt like I was failing them.  I am sure you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Peyton's event!

The event took place in the Ravenswood Event Center. The room was filled with people from all areas of the city, most of them friends and acquaintances that Peyton had reached out to.  We mingled, enjoying appetizers and drinks from a humble bar at the back of the room.  I looked around the space at the familiar graphics and statistics that decorated the walls, wondering how many people were seeing them for the first time.  Peyton opened up the presentation by sharing her incredible story of how she came to learn about Love 146.  After an incredible, eye-opening trip to Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines,  Peyton said she was more inspired than ever to do whatever she could to bring awareness and an end to sex trafficking.  "It was a heartbreaking trip that somehow still filled me with hope," said Callahan.

 Introduced by Peyton, Rob Morris, president and co-founder of Love 146, spoke for the remainder of the presentation.  He shared the history of Love 146, a heartbreaking story of his journey to a brothel where children where being sold.  After watching and sharing this story more times than I could possibly count, I cannot tell you how amazing it was to hear it in person.  Rob also shared the six things he believes it will take to end modern day slavery. 

1. Persepective
2. Audacity
3. Thought
4. Personal Engagement
5. Tenacity
6. Collective Shout

Hope is a major message that Love 146 projects.  At the end of the presentation, Rob made that very clear.  "Dreams come true when we engage," said Morris.  "The fact that you showed up today moves mountains." 

It may not be my typical post on a concert, my latest craft project, or my favorite summer outfit, but it is a topic very near and dear to my heart.  I know that this is a tough subject, I understand it is easier to turn away than to listen to the facts, but I thank you so much for reading this. 

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