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Alluring Chicago

Karley's Birthday


Last week was Karley's birthday!  Not just any birthday...her GOLDEN birthday!  She invited a few of her close friends for a dinner party at an adorable restaurant in Wrigleyville called Blokes and Birds.  About a month ago, we discovered that they have the most amazing burgers, so Karley knew she had to have her party there.  We all drank, enjoyed conversation, and ate cake!  I baked and decorated a vanilla bean cake as part of Karley's birthday present and I was delighted by how well it turned out! Check out these photos of friends and fashion from the party!

Karley's super cute floral dress is from Bazar and so are her shoes!  The fun, bright colors are perfect for the upcoming spring/summer seasons.

Great ladies dress alike in fun patterns!  My shawl is from Urban Outfitters and my skirt is from Kohls. I also wore one of my favorite pair of ankle boots from violette.  

I hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend!  

Much Love