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Alluring Chicago

Merry Pinterest-mas!


It's great to be back from my little Holiday blogging break!  I hope you all had a great Christmas, or other holiday that you celebrated.  I was a busy crafter leading up to Christmas.  I made a commitment to make a majority of my Christmas presents this year and it was so much fun!  Of course, most of my inspiration came from Pinterest.  I ended up saving some money and giving much more meaningful gifts, so everyone was happy! I also squeezed in some baking time with my dear friend Karley the week before we both headed home to Michigan.  I even baked some snacks for all the canine friends in my life!
Here are some photos of my crafting and baking extravaganza!  Also, check out my pinterest boards for links to tutorials, so you can recreate some of these ideas too.  

 Improvising with no rolling pin...

A printed apple t-shirt for my adorable nephew!

My first Christmas tree in Chicago!

Homemade dog biscuits with bacon bits.   

 My boys waiting patiently for their treats. <3

Karley and our gangnam style Santa cookies!

I made citrus body scrub for gifts!

A handmade t-shirt for my friend Michael.  We are both Mumford lovers!

My Christmas tree at home in Northern, MI.

Me and my amazingly cute nephew, Jude!  It was so great to spend some time with him over my vacation.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve!  What are you doing to celebrate?  My next post will highlight my festivities for the evening.  Check it out here next week!