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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

RAW Chicago - Radiate


Last week I partied it up at Double Door for another fantastic RAW artist showcase!  This past month's event, titled Radiate, was a great mix of fashion, live performances, and my favorite, photography.  Although I am a huge fan of all forms of art, I am always excited to view the fresh work of photographers.  
One of the first displays that caught my eye was a collaboration between designer, Shelby Steiner and photographer, Ashley Fischer.  The mix of leather and paled skin made a haunting contrast, which drew me in.  The style was very Lady Gaga meets Dolce and Gabbana...really breathtaking.  
Steiner, who has studied at Columbia College said the highlight of the RAW showcase for her was getting to see other classmate's and friend's work on display.  "It's amazing to see so much talent in one room," said Steiner.  On the second level of the venue, photographer, B Clemens had a selection of her work on display.  Her prints of highways and buildings may be simple subject matters to the close-minded, but I found her ability to capture true beauty in the everyday, refreshing.  My favorite piece by Clemens was a photo of a disheveled, empty hotel bed.  I think the unknown of the photo is what moved me the most, reminding me of one of my favorite Death Cab For Cutie songs, Brothers on a Hotel Bed.  I was surprised to discover that this was Clemen's first RAW showcase and unlike most young artists in the city of Chicago, has not attended any of the art schools in the area.  For this reason, Clemen's said she was very excited to have the opportunity to connect with other artists at the showcase.  "It was a joy to be able to share my work with such a large and diverse crowd," said Clemen's.  While continuing to capture moments on a day-to-day basis Clemens said she also has some larger projects that are currently in the works.  "My main goal with photography is and has always been to expose people to something that is subtle, something that is both obvious but often overlooked," said Clemens.  "My only desire is that my work brings more people to be aware of their world; both the beauty and pain that paints every single moment we are given."   

Please enjoys these photos of photos (and other cool happenings) from the Radiate showcase.  As always, I look forward to next months event and all of the new artists who will be on display!  For more information check out 

 Ashley Fischer photography and Shelby Steiner designs.  

 My favorite print by Alexandra Rydberg.  

 Portrait by Giselle Gatsby
 Prints by Tianna Skordilis
 An amazing sketch by Cat Novak. 

 Print by BittyFotos

 Prints by B Clemens.  

My favorite print by B Clemens aka, Cats Like Scotch. 
 My antique key earrings by Kira Lee.  
Bathroom shot!  A quick peek at my outfit from the evening.  This is a great coral and black dress from vive la femme  that I paired with this striped headband and a raspberry lipstick by Clinique.