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Mumford and Sons - Dixon, IL


Hello wonderful people!  I did my magic disappearing act again this month and I really apologize that I haven't been posting more.  Good news though!  My schedule at work will be changing so I will get my blogging day back.  YAY! I am also doing some blog revamping, so please let me know how you like the changes.  My posts will be more photo focused with a larger emphasis on my own personal style. :)
So last weekend I attended the concert of the century...the best of the best...the hottest band of all time...Mumford and Sons!  It wasn't just any concert was a camping stopover in Dixion, IL as part of the Gentlemen of the Road tour.
It was a whole day full of great music with supporting acts like Apache Relay, The Very Best, and Gogol Bordello.  I went with my very best friend Karley and some new friends from work.
Mumford and Sons took over the whole town of Dixon for the weekend, so there was plenty of local food and drink to be sampled and fun to be had.
The best part of the entire weekend, next to watching Mumford and Sons rock out the big stage in front of a sea of people, was watching them play in the Dixon Theatre with Uncle Jerry Douglas!  What a fantastic surprise.
I will remember this concert for the rest of my life, telling my grandchildren about it when I am old and grey.  I was so happy I was able to capture a few moments with my camera.  I hope you all enjoy these photos!
What concert has changed your life so far?  Who would you really like to see play live?

Thanks everyone for stopping by and have a great Monday!