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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

May RAW Artist Showcase


Double Door, located on N Milwaukee, was the perfect location for an artist showcase hosted by RAW: natural born artists.  When I stepped through the doors, the lights were dimmed just enough to set the mood of a cool, secret club.  The entire venue was decked out with art on every wall, downstairs and upstairs.  I wandered around aimlessly at first, gawking at the selection.  There was work from photographers, painters, jewelers, sculptors, and singers and dancers showcased there talents on a stage, near the back of the room.
I adored Jaclyn Ortiz and her acoustic/pop style.  Her bubbly stage presence complimented her obvious talent.  Bad Bad Meow was another musical act that performed at RAW.  I squealed with delight as they yelled into microphones and jumped around on the stage. There whole style took me back to my high school years (not terribly far back) when I drove my 1968, fire engine-red hearse to school, blaring Matchbook Romance, Fallout Boy, and Cake out of my stereo.
Being a photographer myself, I appreciated the diversity and selection of the photos that were on display.  I was particularly intrigued by photos featuring vintage pin-up girls, created by Melissa Ehrmeyer.
One of the final acts of the evening was singer, dancer, and heart breaker, Obisoulstar.  His freeing lyrics and fluid dance moves, left the women swooning and begging for more.
I definitely look forward to my next opportunity to attend a RAW showcase. Until then, I have been inspired to get a little artsy myself!

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