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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

Peter Frederiksen: A Men's Style Spotlight


In the world of fashion there will always be an endless variety of style profiles.  The well-off, money burning fashion addict, who spends every free hour strolling Michigan Avenue for the latest name brand styles.  The label crazy college student living off of Ramen Noodles, who saves every penny they make, just so they can buy last season's must-have.  The fashion copycat, who does no creative thinking for themselves, not a touch of originality, and duplicates every piece of their wardrobe on something they saw in a magazine or on a celebrity.
 Just a few examples.
My personal favorite?  Every once in awhile you come across someone who has real, genuine style.  It doesn’t come from a department store, a catalog, or even a magazine.  It’s more about their personality. 
Peter Frederiksen is one of those people.
Living in Logan Square he currently works as an art buyer, while being an artist himself, and most recently began collaborating musically with friends. In his spare time Pete enjoys making short, improv sketches with his childhood friend Dylan Jones, better known as “Dyl” of “Pete & Dyl”, and spending time with his number one girl, his dog Anne. 
In our first, official meeting, Pete sat across the table in a quaint coffee shop, sipping orange juice.  He wore a clean, structured black jacket, black pants, black shoes, and what I have observed to be his signature, bold-framed glasses. 
His hair was effortlessly pushed to one side, adding to his easy-going style.
A major staple in Peter’s style is his extensive amount of simple-designed tattoos, with deep meaning and attachment, even though he admits to only recently giving into the art of being permanently marked.
He buys most of his shirts from American Apparel, because he says they are comfortable, and told me with excitement that he recently invested in some classic Levis. 
His look may be simple, effortless, and in his eyes, just a part of everyday life, but in the world of overly advertised trends, Pete’s style is refreshing. 
Sometimes the most fashionable people are those who are in tune with themselves and do what makes them happy, rather than what society tells them to do.
Way to stick it to The Man, Peter!
I applaud your originality and your ability to make all-black look fresh.