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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

Transportation Fashion


My daily commute to work and around the city has taken some getting use to.  From being able to drive a car wherever I needed to, to having to wait what seems like forever for a bus or train, I have tried to make the process a little more fun.  I have sort of made it my hobby to seek out stylish accessories, statement pieces and complete outfits.  This fashionista treasure hunt takes street style to a whole new El level!

Here are a few of my recent sightings.

Cute boots! They work well with these skinny jeans, but would also add some flare to a knee length, summer dress.  

I love this girl's glasses! They went well with her knit, knee length coat. Obviously this was before our recent heat wave.  

I am pretty sure this girl caught me snapping a picture of her, but hopeful she was more flattered than creeped out! Her red lips matched her chunky, red coral earrings perfectly, the statement accents to a simple wardrobe.  

This was one of the first warm days last week.  I was so excited to see floral, summer dresses! This girl let her dress do the talkin' with simple tan flats and a great navy blue bag.

Layers, layers, layers! No matter the season, layers are always a great way to mix up an outfit.  I thought her multi-bead, knot necklace was a nice touch.

And finally, my most favorite outfit of the week! 
This is Evelyn! She lives in Logan Square and describes her style as "eclectic lazy".

Skirt: Stitch Fix 
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Blazer: thrift store 

 I was most impressed by her bird prints and extensive use of red.  Way to make "lazy" look good Evelyn! 

Check out my blog for more Transportation Fashion finds in a few weeks!