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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

Gone Fishing


I have always been skeptical of online dating. The whole idea of flipping through profiles of strangers...possible dates, seemed too much like shopping a grocery isle, than a promising way to find love. 
However, my recent move to a new city has left me feeling somewhat disconnected, with a real desire to meet new people. 
My roommate’s success in scoring dates on an online dating site, called Plenty of Fish, left me intrigued enough to sign myself up.  My profile requirements included at least 100 words describing myself, and a recent photo that clearly shows my face. 
Being the ripe young age of twenty-three, my intentions for trying my luck at cyber mingling was nothing more than hopeful.  It’s not that I expected to find my perfect match in a mater of days, but I had no idea that the lack of manners and plain decency of the men who contacted me would leave me feeling more hopeless than before. 
The romantic in me (a rather big part) wonders what ever happened to just meeting people, personally, face to face?  Embracing the feeling of overwhelming sickness and light-headed silliness that takes over your body when you first meet someone special?  What ever happened to someone just coming out and saying, “I genuinely like you.  Let’s try this?”  At what point did people become so self conscious and afraid to take a chance that they hid themselves behind lies and deception?  I can’t be sure of the answer to these questions, but I believe that the fact that I am asking them is a good sign.
For the time being, I have decided to keep my profile active, if for nothing more than meeting friends. 
In a city full of opportunity, this fish is not looking, but rather awaiting the day when the universe gives me the serendipitous okay to love again.