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Chicago, IL
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Alluring Chicago

Shopping Local


Last week I got my very first article published in a Chicago based newspaper! I thought I would post it here on my blog in case you missed it.  Enjoy!

A steady detestation for giant corporations and empathy for the spunky underdogs of small businesses has constantly inspired more people to buy local.  Fresher produce can be bought from local farmers, with the benefit of organic products free of pesticide sprays and chemicals, homemade baked goods from a local bakery offer more flavor and freshness, and hand-made clothing and accessories from designers in your area not only promises lower prices by cutting out the “middle man”, but a one-of-a-kind look. 
Social media sites have allowed people to connect with one another from millions of miles away since their creation, but what if this same technology could make finding local goods even easier?  With the introduction of, it has.  Etsy launched in 2005 and is literally an online craft fair meets antiques store, with a little bit of garage sale thrown in.  With its recent increase in publicity and growth, has become a treasure trove for all who love to shop locally for their fashion needs. 
Since I discovered a few months ago, I have been completely addicted to searching its seemingly endless, virtual stores for unique and inspiring finds.  I recently searched for products in the Logan Square area and as usual, Etsy delivered. 
One of the first items that caught my eye while scanning the pages of results was a sterling silver ring made from the handle of a vintage souvenir spoon, whimsically engraved with a picture of a sky scraper and the bold letters spelling out “Chicago” twisting around the edges.  The ring is for sale through the virtual store, Spoonier with the promise of it being available at your desired size, along with an impressive selection of other styles.  I suppose it is the new-born Chicagoan in me that aches for this ring to be a part of my ever-growing collection of jewelry.
A few pages further of searching, I found exactly what I had been hoping to find. An aqua colored tank top with a perfectly symmetrical line of white buttons decorating its center and ruffles hugging the neck line.  It is advertised as eco friendly and was designed by Lydia Krupinski, the shop owner of Pierogi Picnic.  Impressed with the modestly girly tank, I found myself virtually wondering into the store for a closer look.  To my delight, I found many more unique pieces including a vibrant plaid skirt that appeared to be transformed from a button down shirt and a navy cropped top sweatshirt turned girly with lace trimmings that would make any indie loving girl squeal with lust. 
Shopping the ever changing fashion scene of Chicago has never been more fun than having thousands of clothes, accessories and, of course the most important staple of all wardrobes, shoes at your finger tips with just the click of a button.  Some people might call it lazy, but I find it innovative, hip and refreshing.  Don’t dismiss it until you check it out for yourself.  Your wardrobe and economy will thank you.