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Rainbow Lip Lock


Green lipstick? You heard me! Apparently the new lip color for this spring is a pastel shade of green.  On my train ride home from work I stumbled upon an article on Twitter by Glamour Magazine about Lacome's new Color Fever lip gloss.  The article got me thinking of all of the risky shades of lipsticks that have been introduced on the runway the past few years.  The array of colors is enough to leave Rainbowbright herself speechless.

Red - Whether it is a rosey, orange, or maroon, red lipstick is a classic color that will most likely never disperse. From Merilyn Monroe to  Taylor Swift, red lipstick has become a part of a woman's personality.  I prefer to match my fire-engine-red lip color with drawn on, winged lashes or a sheer shade to avoid looking to "over done".  My favorite brand of red lipstick is Wet and Wild.  It may be considered cheap by some, but I find that it lasts all day without drying out my lips.

Orange- This sweet color was turned up as bright as can be on last year's spring runway.  Along with pinks and reds, orange lipstick was one of the many shades included in the neon phenomenon.  I have had my eye on M.A.C Cosmetics stunning color of Morange, a dazzling orange creme lipstick.  Orange I going to be so chic?  (I couldn't help myself!)

Yellow- I have tried yellow nail polish and I can sadly say that I cannot pull it off.  Yellow lipstick is no exception.  When paired with over-the-top false lashes and highlighted brow bones with a white shadow , this shade of lipstick reminds me of a go go dancer from the 60's.  I think Lady Gaga may be the only person with the potential to pull of this short-lived trend.  She sported a Dijon mustard shade in her recent "You and I" video.

Green - As I mentioned earlier, Lancome recently came out with a green tinted gloss for this spring's Roseraie des Delices collection.  However, Glamour Magazine's review dubbed it as more of a sheer gloss.  Dark shades of green have yet to be seen, but minty pastels are sure to be a quickly inclining fad this year.

Blue - I am just as crazy about Ke$ha as the next twenty-something-year-old, but sadly she has ruined frosty-blue lipstick for me. I don't think I could ever seriously wear this shade without a twinge of trashiness.  For any die-hard Ke$ha fans, M.A.C. Cosmetics offers an aqua shade called "Blue Eve".

Indigo - This winter has been a popular season for lipstick shades of dark purples and black.  Theses shades, once specific to Gothic and street wear is now high-glossed and runway chic.  Sculpted brows and eyelids enhance a dramatic look typical of a Dolce and Gabbana advertisement.

Violet - Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in "Violet Frenzy" is a wonderful purple-based color.  Since it is lighter than most indigo shades, it does better with rosy cheeks and a pastel eyeshadow.  In a matte finish, this shade would be perfect for a bold look, similar to Katy Perry's alien makeup in her music video for "Extraterrestrial.