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Chicago, IL
United States

Alluring Chicago

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Pricey Treasure


Since moving to Chicago, I have noticed allot of obvious differences between living in a small town to a big city.  There isn't a Walmart near by, getting from once place to another isn't always a straight shot, there are no public restrooms within miles; just to name a few.
The most frustrating of these differences though is the increased pricing in thrift stores (you thought it was the public bathrooms didn't you?). At a very young age my mother would shop at resale stores for clothes for me and my sister.  Who doesn't love a good bargain?  As I grew older and started making my own money, I gravitated away from thrift stores because I thought they were all full of old clothes and that I could do better for myself.  However, now realizing the wonderful deals and vintage clothing, accessories, and decorations I can find at thrift stores, the thought of heading off to one right this very minute teases me.
I have grown to love the search of great bargains and of course, now living on my own in an apartment where I pay rent, I am thrilled to buy clothes for a fraction of what I would pay in most department stores.
Even so, after searching through many thrift stores in the Chicago area I was disappointed to find that most items were priced much higher here than what I could find them for in Michigan.  It may be that Chicago is just a big city, but I think there is more to this story.
Any of my fellow fashion lovers would know that thrift store finds have been featured in many blogs and even magazines in the past few years.  Everyone seems to be "thrifting" now, because it has been dumbed the fashion-forward thing to do.  Just like any fad, this phenomenon will eventually fade and maybe then the price of that vintage Burberry jacket hiding on the rack of your local Salvation Army will cost less than a price so close to it's retail value that it better come with the model who wore it last!
As a girl who was raised in the idea that there is little more thrilling in life than the feeling of finding a good bargain, I hope that I continue to shop at resale stores for the rest of my life.  Since my style lately has been very post-modern, with a mix of old and new pieces, I am sure my love for thrifting will not be swayed.  That is, as long as the price of a good deal doesn't rise anymore than it already has.

Here are a few of my favorite "treasures" that I have found thrifting in the Chicago area so far!

 This Oscar de la Renta button up shirt came from RefreshEase in Logan Square.  It's boxy shape and formal colors would do well with a pair of bright shorts and a simple tank for summer.  I can't wait to wear it! 
Price: $15

 I found this vintage owl necklace at Savvy Seconds and Firsts in Lincoln Park.  It will go nicely with my collection of owl necklaces that my grandmother gave me.  
Price: $12 
This vintage, black clutch was a fun find at The Brown Elephant.  It even comes with a change purse and mirror inside!
Price: $5

 This vintage Perry Ellis blazer was a great find at a Salvation Army downtown.  I have made plans to wear this with a pair of bright red skinny jeans as soon as summer comes, for a preppy look.
Price: $5
 This blazer and modern tie are two of my favorite finds from The Brown Elephant!
Blazer - $10
Tie- $5

 Both of these marvelous, lengthy skirts were picked out for me at RefreshEase!  It's my new favorite destination for up-cycled finds! 
Price: $10 each

This wonderful tunic is another item that was selected for me at RefreshEase! Its lightweight fabric will be great for those summer nights. 
Price: $10