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Eidia Lush Article for Nothin Less


I usually wouldn't do two posts of the same kind of subject in a row, but I really wanted to post this article!
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A Step in the Right Direction
We have all heard the familiar wording “walk a mile in their shoes”.  While you may not want to walk a mile in a pair of heels, Logan Square based design company Eidia Lush, embraces everyone’s different style through customizable shoes. 
Eidia Lush made its start in Logan Square in 2009 when founder Nicole Tongson realized that she wanted to give women the freedom to showcase their own personal style in their shoes.  We want them to feel sexy, sophisticated, funky, and downright adorable while wearing them,” said Tongson. Eidia Lush began as a website where you could design your shoes through their easy step-by-step process.  Step one, choose what shoe style base you want.  Step two, select a shoe size.  Step three, decide your fabric patter.  Step four, choose any desired embellishments.  Finally, Step Five gave an option of adding an ankle strap.
An amazingly easy process that turned over all creative freedom to the consumer makes an undeniable amount of sense, since they are after all, the ones wearing the shoes.  You literally have the chance to build the perfect shoe right before your eyes, plus what a great conversation piece (not to mention free advertising) would it be to mention “oh my shoes? Yes, I actually created them myself!” 
Behind the scenes of the process were designers in Logan Square and cobblers in Las Angles that would construct the personalized shoes.  “Since we didn't need a store front, we were able to rent out a studio space where we trained a team of designers to make the shoes and I headed up all of the website design and user experience myself,” said Tongson. 
So, where is Eidia Lush at now in their creative process?  Tongson said she is currently focused on placing her shoes for sale in boutiques nationwide.  She acknowledges that this step will affect their current production process, but that it is necessary to move forward and create more awareness for her brand.  We want to make sure we stay true to the fact that our shoes can be customized, but we now also understand the importance of developing unique designs that are ready to purchase for our wholesale customers who do not wish to build their own shoe,” Tongson said. “These designs can still be customized for those boutiques that are interested. 
Tongston is hard at work in New York to make this dream a reality.  Her Spring/Summer collection for 2013, including fifteen couture designs, will be launched at the FFaNY New York Shoe Expo.  We are using the finest leathers, wood, and textiles to create the highest quality couture shoes that are very different from what has already been done in the market,” said Tongson. 
As a woman who’s own closet is adorned with shoes of every shape, color and label, I can appreciate the unique brand that is Eidia Lush, but I couldn’t help but ask, why shoes?  Tongson said that she has always categorized shoes as pieces of art.  “Shoes are key to defining a woman's style and I want to give my customers the ability to showcase their unique personalities through our one-of-a-kind shoes,” Tongson said. 
Aside from her love for shoes and textile designs, Tongson said she also enjoys graphic design both in print and on the web, interior design, and sketching interesting people in her free time.  Her entrepreneurial skills as well as her eye-for-design have been the magic formula to create a unique company that in turn embraces each person’s individuality.  It can simply be said that success for Eidia Lush looks promising.  It’s amazing what opportunities open up to you when you put your best foot, or rather shoe, forward. 
Eidia Lush’s retail collection will be available in stores beginning January 2013.  For more information, visit